The Road Map to Authorhood: Pitstops

2018-03-21 10.56.59

Crank that radio up,

Roll down the windows,

 And enjoy your ride down the road to authorhood.

You’ve taken that first step, and now you’re cruising along with your story, steadily creating new settings, characters, and plot twists. With your road map in hand, you try to crank out as many words as you can…

But how often should you write?

500 words a day? 1500? 2000?

For me, it depends. Some days I’ll write over 2,000; other days, I’m doing good if I even pick up a pen or open my laptop. I have honestly gone weeks before returning back to my story, and my writing/creativity improved.

Think of writing as driving on a low tank. If the needle is hovering over the red line, you better stop for gas. We writers need to take small breaks to refuel our creative tanks; otherwise, we’ll find ourselves stranded on the side of the road in Writer’s Block Land.

“Sometimes the stops along the way are what make the trip special.”

Whether you have the gas mileage of a Prius or that of a gas guzzler, take the time to keep your engine running properly. Your story will thank you for it.

Remember, anything is possible with hard work and determination, so fight on writing warriors, let your story be heard.



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