The Road Map to Authorhood: Taking the First Step

Blog 008Sharpen those grammar skills.

Stretch those typing fingers.

It’s time to write your story.

You open Word and the blank, white screen pops up. A smile spreads across your face as you envision the world you’re about to create. You brush your fingertips across the keyboard and… Nothing. Your mind is as blank as the Word document in front of you.

“The first step is always the hardest.”

2018-03-04 15.59.01

It’s such a cliché, but it’s true. I’ve been writing since I was a little kid and I still struggle with the beginning of every story.

So… How do you start?

For me, I never start writing until an idea keeps me up at night. It’s when my brain refuses to shut-up, I know I have a story worth being told. I have to be passionate about the world I’m creating, otherwise my writing comes out as complete crap.

Those that know me, know I have a hard time being patient, but when I let the story come to me, the words just flow freely onto my notebook/laptop. You see, stories are just like relationships. If you have to force it; it’s not meant to be.

Although writing that first line can be the hardest, we luckily live in a world filled with inspiration. Listen to that inner voice inside of you, and you’ll find yourself taking that first step onto the road of authorhood.

Remember, anything is possible with hard work and determination, so fight on writing warriors, let your story be heard.





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